The Netflix of Bad Bitchery, the Bad Bitch Insider Community

The Bad Bitch Insider Community is the online space for ambitious women who want to take control of their lives, cultivate confidence, and sustain motivation to achieve their wildest dreams.

Each month, gain access to a brand new standard-raising masterclass with workbook, community support, and livestream Q&As with Melissa.

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The Bad Bitch Starter Kit

Breaking down everything Bad Bitches think, do, and believe that leads to extraordinary purpose-fueled lives, thriving relationships & banging bodies on their own terms in a self-paced 10-week course.

Sugar Rehab, full-body detox of sugar and other people's drama

Quash your cravings and take control for good with this unique 10-day detox that addresses the thoughts, feelings, and actions behind your cravings so that you can break free.


Bad Bitch Academy, where Bad Bitches are made

Everything you've ever wanted is within reach. With this high-touch group mentorship academy, never get stuck settling for less than you deserve, and start your life upgrade tomorrow.

The Academy only opens a few times a year and space is limited.

Private Coaching

Bad Lab, private coaching with Melissa Ronda

Discover the missing link to becoming the fullest expression of yourself through this 6-month private mentorship.